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Today, we raise our pens and voice our unwavering support for fair pay and just compensation in the film and television industries. As future members of the esteemed Writers Guild of America (WGA), we understand the vital role we play in bringing stories to life and captivating audiences worldwide. Now, it is time to ensure that our invaluable contributions are recognized and properly rewarded.


Together, we are an unstoppable force, fueling the imagination and weaving tales that touch hearts and minds. Our creativity drives the success of the entertainment industry, captivating viewers and driving revenues. Yet, despite our pivotal role, many of us face challenges in receiving fair compensation for our work.

We are united in our resolve to address these issues head-on. Therefore, we stand in solidarity with our fellow writers and announce that we will halt all operations until negotiations are finalized and in order with the Guild. This action is not taken lightly, but it is necessary to safeguard our future and secure the fair pay we all deserve.

Photo by Matthew Simmons/WireImage
Photo by Matthew Simmons/WireImage

The demands are clear: higher wages, healthcare benefits, and better compensation and more. It is time for the industry to recognize the undeniable worth of our work and ensure that we are compensated adequately for the countless hours we devote to our craft. We strive for a future where writers are valued partners in the creative process, and our financial well-being is treated with the respect it deserves.

To the studios, production companies, and industry decision-makers: it is time to listen. The success of our collaborative efforts hinges upon a fair and equitable system that rewards talent, creativity, and hard work. Ignoring these crucial aspects undermines the very foundation on which this industry stands.

Let this message resonate throughout the industry: we, the writers, are committed to achieving a fair and just outcome. Until that day comes, we will stand united, unwavering in the demand for fair pay and the proper recognition of our contributions. Our pens are mighty, and our words have power. We will not rest until the goals are met.

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